Greenhills Primary School is considered a wonderful place to work. The school has attracted, developed and retained an excellent staff. The school’s policy towards personal development, helping people to reach their full potential, is considered not only in connection to the students but also towards enhancing the talents of the staff responsible for educating these students.


Staff List 2020

Teaching Staff


Betty Hajichristou - Prep BH

Bonnie Jones - Prep BJ

Sam Marmo - Prep SM

Grade 1
Krysten O'Leary - 1KO
Lauren O'Connell - 1LO
Nigel Dunne / Sarah Leach- 1ND

Roslyn Mackie -1RM

Grade 2

Brad Ryan / Lynsey Barrett - 2BR
Suzie Hussein - 2SH
Tracey Watts / Jen Ellis - 2TW


Grade 3/4

Becc Stephens - 3/4B

Ashley Dunne - 3/4D
Megan Hattenfels / Kristine Charles - 3/4H
Alex Katsogiannis / Jo Ciancio -3/4K

Lauren Richardson/ Kristine Charles - 3/4R

Tegan Smith - 3/4S

Grade 5/6

Rachel Emmerling / Jen Ellis– 5/6E

Bianca Fedele – 5/6F
Jess Johnston / Jen Ellis - 5/6J

Jon McFarland /Lynsey Barrett – 5/6M

David Symeonidis – 5/6S


Jordan Daley – Physical Education

Kate Stewart – Music

Andrea Williams / Sarah Leach - Art

Roberta Iebiano / Jo Ciancio – Italian
Sharon Draper - Literacy Support
Michelle Arthur (Librarian)

Greenhills Staff

Principal - James Penson

Assistant Principal - Janine Hough

Leading Teacher - Brad Ryan



Office Staff

Victoria Harris – Business Manager

Nicole Pearson

Anne Doolan

Karen Heitzmann – First Aid


Educational Support Staff

Raelene Turner - Integration Aide

Jenny Cranston- Integration Aide

Libby Egan- Integration Aide

Alannah Baird- Integration Aide

Sheryl Munks-Callahan - Integration Aide
Ashlee MacKinven - Integration Aide


Miriam Pekolj - Canteen Manager

Max Smith - Maintenance

OSH Club - (Childcare)
Loh and Thuy - Cleaning Staff

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