At Greenhills Primary School, we place a strong emphasis on the development of sound Literacy and Numeracy skills in students across all year levels. We have a whole-school approach to teaching literacy skills and knowledge ensuring continuity of teaching strategies from Prep, through to Year 6.We build literacy skills into all subject area and consistently evaluate and revise our school approach based on best practice.

During literacy sessions, students develop their understanding and skills through a variety of small group, whole group and individual instruction, designed to cater for specific learning needs whilst encouraging each and every student to become independent readers and writers. Strong links are made between reading and writing and all students develop skills in a wide variety of genre.

At Greenhills, teachers have focused on understanding students learning needs across the year level. This is highlighted in 'Targeted Growth' Program which operates across all levels  where all students participate in 100 minutes of specific and targeted teaching and learning with peers at a similar level, or who have a similar learning style. Groups are formed depending on student need, student abilities and/or student achievement in the area of focus. The focus of these Targeted Numeracy and Literacy sessions are based on whole school data, teacher observation and specific assessment and whole school Literacy and Numeracy goals from our Strategic Plan.

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