Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Italian

Greenhills provides the opportunity for all students to broaden their horizons by experiencing another language - Italian.  Signora Roberta Iebbiano covers all aspects of Italian culture - from language, to music, art, food, history and geography.

Learning a language contributes to the development of skills in thinking and reflection and the development of inter-culturally aware citizens.  A range of different experiences and activities are provided by Signora Iebbiano to engage and develop the knowledge and skills of students.


Skills developed include:

* Participating in the use of the Italian language

* Identifying the names of objects.

* Introducing themselves, and greeting others.

* Following simple directions

* Understanding some of the differences in how people from 

   Italy eat and dress, gesture, write and say things

* Identifying Italian icons, geographic features, famous buildings

   or cultural practices

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