Our whole school approach to developing numeracy skills focuses on developing mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving skills. We aim to equip students with the mathematical strategies necessary for their school life and real world contexts and appreciate that mathematics is an essential and relevant part of life. We believe learning numeracy is more effective when it is interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Our approach to numeracy aims to further develop a student’s confidence, knowledge, understanding, appreciation, curiosity and most of all a love of mathematics.

We use digital technologies and tools to support mathematical exploration and consolidation of skills; A vast array of concrete resources to assist with hands on learning for Prep to Grade 6 and access to online mathematics programs and resources e.g. Mathletics.


At Greenhills we have placed an emphasis student growth and taken into consideration student prior knowledge and tracking their growth across mathematical concepts.  The use of student data of prior knowledge allows for powerful teaching approaches together with grouping strategies (one-to-one, small group and whole class) and delivery of activities that cater for student needs and differentiation of the curriculum and enabling students to be challenged according to their abilities.

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