Greenhills Primary School welcomes your enrolment for 2020 & 2021. We understand that

choosing a primary school that will nurture your child’s social, emotional and academic

growth and kick start their education journey is an important and exciting decision.

Greenhills ensures that every child makes a successful transition into our school community. 


We welcome the opportunity to show you what Greenhills has to offer you and your child.


Important Enrolment Information for Potential Prep Children for 2021 with an address
"In Zone."

If Greenhills is your nearest primary school and you are living in our "zone", you have an
enrolment place. To secure this place please submit your enrolment to our office.

If you wish to find out if you live in our zone, please check here

Important Enrolment Information for Potential Prep Children for 2021 with an address "Out of Zone."

Due to land and facility limitations, Greenhills Primary School has an ‘enrolment ceiling' which restricts enrollments once that ceiling is reached. The ceiling is 500 students. Enrolment numbers are 519 students in 2020. Demand for enrolments at Greenhills Primary School currently exceeds capacity.  In order to enrol at Greenhills you need to be "residing inside" our Zone, which means that Greenhills is the nearest Primary School to your place of residence. If another Primary School is closer to your house, you are outside of this area.

We do anticipate that some Prep places for 2021 will be available for families who reside outside of our Zone. We are now accepting enrolment forms for 2021. Prep enrolments of children who reside closer to another Primary School are placed on a waiting list. The list will be based on the Enrolments that live closest to Greenhills Primary School.

For Enrolment forms, please download the enrolment form below. When lodging the form, please note that as stated in the Primary School Privacy Notice, an immunisation certificate and satisfactory evidence of a child's name and date of birth must be provided to the school (e.g. birth certificate, passport).


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