Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

At Greenhills we take great pride in our approach to Teaching and Learning. We focus not just on ‘what’ students know but ‘how’ they each learn and grow. Our teachers aim to encourage and promote a love of lifelong learning and growth.


One size does not fit all at Greenhills and our programs are flexible so that we can maximise the potential of our students. Differentiated instruction is embedded at Greenhills. We place a strong emphasis on what students know before teaching and monitoring their learning to ensure students are taught at their ‘point of need’. If a student learns faster, or is ready for greater depth or breadth of knowledge, then our teachers vary the learning. Similarly, If a student requires additional support making growth then teachers alter their approaches.


Our focus for teacher Professional Learning has been on the Theories of Action (Hattie) which include:


Whole School Theories of Action

* setting of high expectations and authentic relationships

* facilitating enquiry instruction to enhance student  curiosity

* developing consistent Whole school protocols for teaching and learning

Teacher Theories of Action

* set clear Learning Intentions to ensure understanding and achievement.

* designing Learning tasks that are differentiated, challenging and purposeful.

* Use Higher Order Questioning to deepen student  learning

* use of feedback and data to Target growth

* peer assessment for learning

* use of cooperative group structures to facilitate collaboration.


We celebrate the individuality of each student and all that they can bring to our

learning community. Teachers at Greenhills take into account who they are

teaching as well as what they are teaching, as our teaching and learning goals

are to plan actively and consistently to help students move positively along the learning continuum.


In addition to targeting teacher performance and influences on student learning, Teachers and students at Greenhills focus on our Growth Mindset.


There is a growing school of thought that intelligence and ability are, in fact, not fixed. Brains and talent are just the starting point for us all and, with effort and dedication; intelligence can be grown as the brain continues to develop over the course of our lives. This idea is known as the ‘Growth Mindset’. It has been proven that having a Growth Mindset can improve children’s progress and achievement. We teach our students at Greenhills that by having a Growth Mindset they can grow their brains and intelligence and achieve anything they want!


There are two types of mindsets that children and adults can have, a ‘fixed’ mindset and a ‘growth’ mindset.  Below is an overview of the traits of each:

"I feel clever when I’m learning something new"



"I learn from my mistakes"

"I want people to praise me for the effort I put into my work"

"I want people to praise me for how clever I am"



"I like my work to be easy"

"I give up easily"

"I don’t like to try a challenge"

"I never give up"

"I can either do it or I can't"

"I like my work to be difficult

– it means I am learning"

"I believe I cannot change how clever I am"

"I love challenges"

"I believe I can get more intelligent by working hard"

"I stick to what I know"

How you can help at home:

  • Praise the amount of effort your child is putting into things rather than how clever they are;

  • Talk to your children about their brain being like a muscle - the more they use it, the stronger it gets;

  • Encourage your children to not give up if they are finding something difficult;

  • Challenge your children to try something new or challenging.

At Greenhills, we place very high importance on teaching students to stretch themselves, persevere with things when they are hard or difficult and be resilient in the ways they cope when things are not going well. This is the hallmark of the Growth Mindset – a love of learning and resilience.

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