Visual Art

The Visual Arts program at Greenhills has a broad, rich objective. The students experience a wide range of art genres, styles, cultures and periods in history providing a rich base for both exploring students’ own art and responding to the art of others.
In Visual Arts classes, students are provided with opportunities to explore and create in all the seven areas of Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Modelling, Construction, Threads and Textiles and Collage. Students learn a range of skills, techniques and processes in each of these areas. Students learn that Visual Arts is not just about a finished product; the journey is also very important. Arts Elements and Principles of Art are incorporated into the Visual Arts learning program at all levels. The Visual Arts studio is very well equipped and includes a ceramic kiln. An interactive whiteboard is also used as an adjunct to the program.

We also endeavour to run an extension program with links to the education programs at the National Gallery of Victoria. The program aims to provide the opportunity for all children to experience success in the Visual Arts

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