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Our Approach

At Greenhills, teachers have focused on understanding students learning needs across the year level. This is highlighted in 'Targeted Growth' Program which operates across all levels, where all students participate in 100 minutes of specific and targeted teaching and learning with peers at a similar level, or who have a similar learning style.


Groups are formed depending on student need, student abilities and/or student achievement in the area of focus. The focus of these Targeted Numeracy and Literacy sessions are based on whole school data, teacher observation and specific assessment and whole school Literacy and Numeracy goals from our Strategic Plan.


We use a whole-school approach to teaching literacy skills and knowledge, ensuring continuity of teaching strategies from Prep through to Year 6. We build literacy skills into all subject areas and consistently evaluate and revise our school approach based on best practice. 


During literacy sessions, students develop their understanding and skills through a variety of small group, whole-group and individual instruction, designed to cater for specific learning needs while encouraging each student to become an independent reader and writer. Strong links are made between reading and writing, and all students develop skills in a wide variety of genres.


Our approach to numeracy aims to develop students' confidence, knowledge, understanding, appreciation, curiosity and - most of all - a love of mathematics.


We aim to equip students with maths strategies necessary for their school life and real-world contexts, including understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving skills. 


We believe learning numeracy is more effective when it is interesting, enjoyable and challenging. We use digital technologies and tools to support exploration and skill consolidation, including online maths programs and resources such as Mathletics.

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning nurtures the development of research skills and supports students to ask key questions required for investigation. Students develop their ability to problem solve, question, analyse and interpret information, in order to develop their own understandings and form conclusions about a concept.

At Greenhills, we use the inquiry approach to learning, which involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. Teachers facilitate opportunities for students to ask questions, build on prior knowledge and make their own discoveries.


Teachers design a series of activities that are sequenced and allow students to :

  • tune in

  • find out information

  • sort the information

  • draw conclusions

  • go further by working in small groups or independently

  • reflect

  • take action to use what they have learnt in the wider world

Information Technologies 

Information Technologies focuses on providing students with the tools to transform their learning and to enrich their learning environment. At Greenhills, we use Information Technologies to support the curriculum.

Our student resources include a large bank of iPads and laptop computers, including a 1:1 iPad program. Every classroom is also equipped with interactive whiteboards and data projectors. 

Our vision

Our school uses a 'Targeted Growth' program, where students have the opportunity to learn with peers at a similar level and with a similar learning style, across all school grades, from Prep to Year 6.

Our Approach

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