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Greenhills Primary is a well-resourced and modern school, with state-of-the-art education, sporting and recreational facilities.

Our Facilities

School Facilities

The educational programs at Greenhills are supported by a well-resourced learning environment and wonderful sporting and recreational facilities. Over the past decade, Greenhills has undergone major renovations that have completely transformed and modernised our learning facilities.

Greenhills Primary School boasts:

  • Beautifully presented leafy school grounds, which feature our rolling ‘green hills’ - the central hub of our school yard - that provide a wonderful place for children to play and gather.

  • Modern, spacious and well resourced classrooms.

  • A state-of-the-art STEAM space, built in 2020, complete with a full commercial kitchen. During school hours, the space used for science classes, hands-on experiments and cooking lessons. Outside school hours, as well as during school holidays, the space is used by Team Kids

  • A Cultural Centre, which includes a large library, music room and art room. There is also a canteen and breakout rooms for instrumental lessons.

  • A large grassed oval and an artificial turf oval, complete with a two-lane running track, cricket pitch, as well as volleyball, softball and handball courts, and hopscotch and chess games area.

  • Two playground areas, one for older kids and the other specifically for the early year levels, ensuring a less busy place for our younger students to play. There is an enclosed sand pit, a bike shed, a Sensory Garden for fostering imagination in the natural surrounds and a very popular Gaga Ball pit. 

  • A large school hall, also home to the Greenhills Basketball Club, which currently is undergoing a full upgrade this year. 

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